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Tis the season etc etc

So, Christmas approaches apace and I've already got one out of the way, having just come back from having a Christmas with my parents & brother a week early. They enjoyed their pressies lots and I got lovely things too. Then we had a fantastic leg of pork roasted by Dad and lay around all evening in a well fed stupor. Just as I'm planning this week.

We even managed to stop off in Cambridge to see Alex's sister and her boyfriend, who've got a lovely little house in Cambridge with an open fire. In fact, fires were rather a feature point of the weekend. I'm enjoying mine so far but it turns out that smokeless fuel does not burn, it only glows, which is not much fun. I'm seriously thinking I might just buy normal coal and risk getting a fine if it gets reported. After all, I'm already planning to burn the logs I've got from cutting down various things in the garden. I wonder where you can get ordinary coal in Oxford. I don't recall seeing it at B&Q but I might check tonight.

Have heard from the vet that Charlie is fine after being in today to have her tubes tied (or whatever it is that they do in there to keep her kitten-free). I felt mean forcing her into the box this morning - she's only teeny after all - but it's for her own good. They're microchipping her while she's under too so less chance of losing her, which is good. We'll have to give her lots of fuss and hugs tonight.
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