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So, Christmas is past for another year. And a very nice time was had by all, I do believe. Gifts were given and received to (apparently) everyone's satisfaction. Wrapping paper was played with by kittens and burned on the fire to make pretty colours. All was as it should have been.

I have to admit to slight Xmas fatigue at this point though, having been celebrating it for nearly a week and a half., which is all very well but a little tiring, not least on the digestive system. Having spent 3 hours on the M25 yesterday (I kid you not!) on the way back from the final stretch with Alex's folks I feel all partied out. I'm really looking forward to doing not much of anything on New Years Eve followed by chilling out for lunch with white_hart, which will, I'm determined, be my final gastronomic excess until my birthday - after all, I've got to get in shape for Dad's christmas/birthday pressie (a visit to the Manoir).

Everything had been so manic in the run up that I had in fact failed to visit the church designated for midnight mass this year beforehand which resulted in red faces when I realised that unlike our previous venue they finish their service at midnight, not start it at midnight. We got the last couple of carols and that was it. It did seem a very nice church though and I got a leaflet telling me that there is sung Eucharist on New Years day so I might go along then - I still haven't given up on my plan for choiring at some point in the future. It does depend on my facility for getting up on a Sunday (10am start) but given that Saturday will be a lie in, it should be do-able...

I'm not feeling ready for a review of the year yet. There still seems to be too much on-going. A quick glance at last year's resolutions suggests that I'm not doing that great but it's all about aiming high, I tend to think.
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