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So, New Years resolutions, finally. First up, how are last year's intentions looking?

  • Complete the TTP project in good time. Well, this didn't quite get done as fast as I'd hoped but I'd still say that it was in good time. There's more work needs doing on it though.
  • Get some rest. Don't take on any more new projects for at least 6 months and let the ones I have settle into a routine. Well, I didn't take on any new projects at all last year, I don't think so that's good. What didn't really happen was developing a routine in my old ones.
  • Take better care of myself. I need to get round to addressing a couple of health issues and I need to take better care of myself generally - I'm drinking too much and snacking too much and not exercising enough. Not really at all. I just didn't take the time to think about this one. I think it was more a hope than an intention, tbh
  • Get back to the weight I was at last year (i.e. about 11st) Nope. Not even close.
  • Write more letters. Actual physical letters. Nope. And I can't remember why I wanted this one now

Well, to be honest, better than I expected but still, must try harder. For this year I am going to try to

  • Develop a routine for all of my regular tasks so that I don't end up thinking "Oh no! When is that going to get done?"
  • <cryptic>Take the next step in my Long Term Plan</cryptic>
  • Turn the back garden into a comfortable, pleasent, pretty place to sit
  • Plan the next phase of the House Project
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