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Yay! I'm knackered but I have reduced the level of house related chaos again! I have:

* finished off the curtains in the living room (extra hooks, securing ends)
* painted the final windowsills (except for final coat)
* fixed shelf unit in cupboard below sink in bathroom
* all filing
* tidied up living room (aggressively. There is NO crap in here now! Yay!)
* swept & hoovered living room
* fixed full length mirror to dressing room door (instead of on stand in dressing room - took up too much space)
* swept bathroom and 2/3 kitchen

Still to do is basically the kitchen work surfaces and the upstairs rooms but this is definite progress.

I thought it was going to be spring on Thursday and Friday but now it's become all wintry again. Also, noticed when I was in Oxfam on Saturday that they're doing mail order plants now! Seems like an odd business to get into at first sight but I haven't looked it over yet. Site is at http://www.oxfam.org.uk/plants/
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