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I've never come across one of these before! It's a web based word processor. I am *really* behind on Web 2.0 apps, apparently. In some ways it's because I have very little yen to play around with something I've no actual reason to use. I'm not good at coming up with ways to play with something that I don't actually need. I guess, though, that because of that I end up missing out on things which might fit in very nicely but I don't see how just yet - this was an exception in that I didn't have a plan for it, I was just curious to see how a web based word processor could work but I'm now thinking "Actually, yeah, this would be kind of handy to keep my Brownie documents on". Anyone know of any web based spreadsheets?

For a lot of stuff, I'm not that into doing it collaboratively. Links, for example. I actually wrote a link application for myself a while before it became a thing because I wanted to share bookmarks between work and home and so I never felt the need to sign up to delicious (how ever it's supposed to be punctuated). Flickr is kind of fun but I'm not a compulsive photographer or consumer of photographs so I don't make much use of it. Maybe I'm just a bit of a web 2.0 philistine. It's seems to be all about getting your content via some sieve of popular opinion without interaction but I'm not so sure about that. That's kind of why I like blogs - there, when you see a link, you have a bit of context, not only from the post but from the whole blog - you know what sort of things that person is interested in, how they use those word, what it's likely to mean. I still haven't got to the point where I can reduce that understanding to a tag search.

And of course, I could use the "Blog" functionality to post this to my LJ but that would mean entering my LJ password here, which would then be stored. I wish they used OpenId. That would be kind of cool.
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