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Old toys made new

Having been meaning to get round to trying RockBox for a while, and I was reminded again by t__m__i's mention that now that the iRiver version doesn't have "THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL! WARNING! WARNING" plastered across it I really should get on and download it.

It's funny how the killer feature is never what you think it's going to be. I was looking forward immensly to the ability to create and edit playlists on my iRiver (all good so far, although I've yet to figure out removing tracks) but what I hadn't realised was that RockBox would give me the ability to customize the display on both the iRiver screen and the remote.

The font is smaller by default so I get 6 lines of text comfortably on the remote display instead of free. This means that *finally* I can display artist, album and song title on the remote! The default firmware only displays artist and song title which is just one of those frustrating little things and it never occured to me that I might be able to change it but now I've just spent the past half hour fiddling around with the display settings for both the remote and main screen until I've got a set up I really like. And it looks like I now have the ability to record directly from FM radio to mp3. w00t is the word.

Right. Now I've got that bit of geekiness out of my system, to more normal matters. I've been trying to get myself ready for the parents visit next week. I've got the time booked off but I haven't yet got the food sorted, taxi to the resturant booked for Dad's birthday visit to the Manoir or the plan of the garden properly drawn out. Tescos have run out of slots for tomorrow, as well, curse them! I guess that means I'll have to have the food delivered on Thurs after work. What am I forgetting? I'm sure there's something. Also, must make sure my calendar is up to date - Feb seems to be doing it's usual thing and filling up fast.

I've also got to get some SB stuff done in the next couple of days. I was doing quite well until I was ill and that kind of threw a bunch of things off but I now need to get some bits done, including testing the video stuff so I can tweak the FAQs some and making sure all our bugs are nicely filed in RT and organised so we can give some to Carrie on the next weekly bug thang.

Also, must upload more kittie pictures for you. Charlie is as cute as a very cute thing, I have to report. Anyway. Enough for now.
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