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Checking in

Well, I figure I should write on this sometimes :) I'm really enjoying my week off so far. Shed knocking down went with a swing and we turned the resulting pile of wood into a fantastic bonfire which inspired an impromptu bonfire party - we even toasted marshmallows although we had to do it on specially extended sticks to get them close enough to the heat. I got some good photos but I haven't uploaded them to a PC yet.

In the aftermath, the garden is starting to come together. The new shed is much smaller but still fits in our stuff with a little space to spare and the new layout is looking good. Mum and I have covered, edged and gravelled the new path while Dad has been sorting out the brick wall at one end of it. I'm going to try and do a bit of a photo project - I forgot to take before photos but I will be taking photos once we've got everything in and then in 3 months, 6 months and so on. Also, I managed to find a russet apple tree - my absolute favourite type and quite hard to find - you never see russets in supermarkets but now I'll have my own supply. I've also got a twisty hazel, which will look great.

All the gardening is quite tiring but it'll be worth it and it's a different kind of tiring from work so that's all good. Still, I'm in two minds about whether to go to the Los Diablos gig tonight. I do want to, but I'm really finding it hard to imagine summoning up the energy. See, this is where a teleporter would be great - I could just turn up with no effort, which would be perfect.

Tomorrow is our day off and we're going to do some shopping in town before the big dinner at Le Manoir for me and Dad - I'm excited but trying not to get too worked up in case it doesn't live up to it - I'll let you know.

Ah, I remember the other thing I was going to say. We went to see Walk the Line last night. A very good film. The two leads did fantastic jobs. I ended up not actually liking Cash that much - I think he was damn lucky he met June Carter really.
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