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So, one more week to go! I had a really good one this week too, although pretty busy. Tuesday night we went to see The Inside Man which I really enjoyed - I think I can now conclude that I like heist movies. Wednesday night was goodbye to the city centre pub posse with tapas in the new prison development. Definitely favourably impressed by the food there. Thursday was meeting up with archie and art_geek to say "Welcome to the UK!" to Ellen. We hadn't planned for a long evening but we just got settled in, which was nice. Then Friday, Brownies plus extra Brownies admin afterwards. The meeting was fun though - I bought a badge maker! I decided I would keep the maker and charge Brownies to the blanks - if asked nicely, I could be persuaded to lend for Caption....

I was in a much better mood for the second half of the week too after it was agreed that for my last week I get to work flat out on a complicated project that our client really wants that I did the research for and planned ages ago but they never got around to getting me to do. Basically we had a long discussion about the feasibility of getting the new guy to do it (who doesn't know any of the technology it relys on) but managed to figure out a way that I could get the worst of it out of the way and leave the tying up the loose ends bit to him. Yay! So I get to feel purposeful and energised for my last week. And it's going really well so far - I had loads done on Friday.

Also, yay! to LJ for having an actual fun and harmless April fool this year and yay! for iruineverything and pinata23 who are, presumably, married by now!
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