Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

I think this is good timing for starting a new job. I didn't have a
full week last week, this week will have the conference in the middle of
it and then next week won't be a full week. And then there'll be
another bank holiday at the end of May too. Lots of chances to get out
in the garden, which is good.

We visited my Mum & Dad over the weekend to surprise Dad for his
birthday. He didn't seem to have guessed, which was good and we got a
really nice meal out of it with my brother and his girlfriend also in
attendance. I got given a huge pile of plants from Mum, including 2
roses she had bought me to celebrate the new garden. I've planted those
out already (under script orders!) but I'll be planting the rest out
tonight. I'm still trying to keep ahead of the dandelions as they come
up through the bark - I think I need a heavier mulch. Perhaps that'll
be something to sort out on the bank holidays.

Hopefully, this will be a fairly quiet week - I need to get a bit caught
up on some of the domestic stuff. Oh joy, but it has to be done. When
I'm rich, I shall look forward to having someone else do my laundry for
Tags: garden, work
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