Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Well, worst fears realised and all that - my pre-cold back of throat
feeling turned into the whole works. Difficulty swallowing on Wednesday
due to tonsils, lots of sneezing during other peoples conference
speeches, and so on. I'm still not doing great now, but better than I
was. It's mostly residual sore throat and sneezing now so I'll have to
get Ruth to do any raised voices required at Brownies this evening.

The dinner at Le Manoir was great in the food department again, but
going with a big corporate group you just don't get the same atmosphere.
I'm really glad I'd been with Dad first actually because it made me
realise how good it could be when your next-door neighbour isn't
constantly saying "Is that all? I'll need a kebab on the way home!" for
10 courses. I also skipped the cigar stage of the proceedings and went
straight on to the port. Bring on the smoking ban, that's what I say.
I think perhaps I'll try to go back with Alex or Dad some time (maybe my
30th?) and get the proper Le Manoir experience again. The rest of the
conference was OK but it got a bit samey for me. Once I'd got the hang
of the principles of the work going on, I felt like I didn't really need
the details for all the various different markets as well. We had 2
full lunches at the Randolph as well so god knows how much weight I've
put on!

I'm really looking forward to this long weekend we've got coming. I
plan to do almost nothing sociable (I am aided and abetted here by the
fact that a lot of folk will be out of town) and instead am going to
have another shot at getting the house into some kind of reasonable
order and weeding the front garden, which is getting a bit out of
control again. Also there may be mulching. Oh, and complaining to BT
who appear to have completely failed to set up my direct debit AGAIN! I
don't know what's wrong with them, but I forsee much time on the phone
to customer services. And possibly a change in service provider. If I
go to another phone company, do they sort out paying for the line rental
so that I don't have to deal with BT at all? Also on the list is buying
a printer and ogling laptops that I really don't need. And writing up
some Scrapbook training stuff. And I'd better stop there before I add
too much more to the list!
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