Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Weekend daze

Held a dinner party on Saturday night - it turned out really well too.
I even got all into it and did starters, albeit not ones you have to
actually cook or anything. The menu was

Tomato, Mozzerela & Basil salad
Creamy Garlic Chicken with mashed potato and braised celery
Cupcakes, brownies pieces (both courtesy of Sainsbury's bakery) and

Everyone seemed to yum theirs down, and then we sat around drinking more
wine and playing cards. All in all, a fine evening, and one I should

Sunday was off to the garden centre with Jeremy to ignore the lashing
rain and think of patio dining. After an amount of dithering which
seemed like a lot but really, for me, wasn't that much, I settled on a
reasonably priced set of table & chairs for the patio which I can leave
outside all winter (zero maintenance, it says - yay!). Even if the rain
doesn't let up, it'll still be another good bit of garden adventure
playground for Charlie :) I also gave into the temptation of edible
plants. I haven't really got a good bed for veg in the new garden but I
decided to go for a patio veg garden in pots at the conservatory end,
spurred on by discovering a patio potato plant which is designed for big
pots. I ended up with that, a chilli plant, a tomato plant (the slugs
sadly having eaten the last one my mum gave me), some mini sweetcorn
plants, tarragon, orange scented thyme and parsley. I think that's the
lot. Should be good if even some of it comes up (or goes down in the
case of the potatos :) I wonder if home grown chillies will be hotter
than their supermarket counterparts? I have also remembered to leave
the little spike telling me what it is with each plant so that I won't
lose them and forget when they're supposed to be harvested or cut back
and so on, which is what usually happens.

I also bought some rather pretty bedding plants that I haven't yet found
a space for and in fact, the garden is looking rather lovely at the
moment, apart from the constant gentle snow of blossom from the enormous
horse chestnut at the back which also cuts out the best bit of the
midday sun. Still, we might get some good conkers from it, I suppose.
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