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I keep running up against the fact that I'm lazy recently. Not all over my life, but intellectually. It's frustrating me. Listening to the news this morning, for example, I had what to me felt like an interesting thought about how socialism relys on people having a sense of being banded together, which is leading them in interesting directions (for example, to suggesting that immigrants should be given different/smaller benefits than native UKers) and how that impacts of views of the left-right spectrum.

Now that's probably an interesting topic, but to do anything with that thought, I would have to do a huge amount of sociopolitical reading to get background, find out if anyone's thinking/already thought the same thing and develop the implications in ways that actually make sense. And I've got no motivation to do that so the idea just lies languishing

Which is OK, I suppose but frustrating. And it encourages me to feel like I'm smarter than I am - in the back of my mind, the assumtion is there that it would be relatively straightforward to master this area and make a contribution if I had sufficient time and energy which is very arrogant.

I'm not sure there's much to be suggested here because it doesn't seem likely to me that I'll find the motivation and time any time soon nor will I be likely to stop having ill informed flashes of inspiration based on what I hear on the radio so the point of this post is kind of just to remind myself that these are just ill informed opinions. That doesn't mean that they might not be right, but chances are I'm not going to be the first to have thought of them.
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