Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Well, I tried being really good on my food for a week and ended up putting on weight, which was really irritating. I suppose the next thing to try would be a week of eating normally and really pushing myself on the exercise front or something like that - I've only been cycling to work about half the time recently due to the weather in the last month so perhaps if I force myself to do some other aerobics any days that I don't cycle this week and see if that makes a difference. I really need to shift some of this though as I've put on nearly a stone since the start of the year and I don't want to have to replace my whole wardrobe for larger sizes :(

In good news, I've been doing lots in the garden recently and it's starting to look really pretty. The planting's pretty sparse in the back at the moment as the idea is to give me a chance to attack the things like the dandilions easily and I have been doing my best. I'm sure there's still plenty of roots waiting to come up again next year but still, it's reduced, I think. I really want to post some photos but it's ages since I've synched my treo to transfer them to the laptop so I haven't got around to it yet. Maybe later this week even. I wish I was better at remembering plant names as there's some really pretty flowers but I won't know what to tag them! Ah well. I should get one of those gardening bibles to help me out or something.

I really need to go shoe shopping soon. I've been putting it off for a while - I just couldn't face being in the city centre on Saturday for example! Maybe next Thursday? I've got roleplaying this Thurs, unfortunatly. Anyone fancy a bit of late night shopping with me? Or alternatively, meeting up afterwards for drink/dinner, probably around 7:30?
Tags: garden, pub meets, weight
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