Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Planning, as per usual

A nice quiet evening in coming up this evening, which is nice. I can get computery things done. Work are blocking community.blah sites atm, which is rather restricting my ability to comment to people or reply to comments I get while here.

* Test out dance mat (we got dance mats for the PS2! But apparently the game they come with is not good - sparkymark, can you bring others on Friday?)
* Tesco order
* Hoover downstairs - get rid of remains of festival!
* Write something about Truck, Temeraire, stuff, plans
* Do review
* Write post for support_sb re training plans
* Write post for support_sb re tagging, etc for supporthelps (eee! I have multiple supporthelps now!)
* Comment in supportlounge, somewhere else
* De green
* Answer 5 styles requests
* Monthly paperwork/banking
* Read book from Jenni (the Jade Throne? Anyway, the 2nd Temeraire book)

I may possibly even also cook this evening as a glance outside the window suggests that it's not insanely hot and I am kind of craving pasta after having nothing but tomatoes and sandwiches for a while. It's been too hot even for me to want to eat hot food but now, I see clouds and I'm thinking maybe. On the other hand, maybe I'll get home and it'll be stifling and I won't fancy it.

Also, for people, having or about to have birthdays, sorry, I seem to be very uninspired at the moment :(
Tags: lists, lj support
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