Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

It was so nice to have the temperature go down enough of Saturday to actually do chores! I got quite a long way with Thursdays list (which I had completely failed at on Thursday). The house looks presentable again and no longer smells of festival, which is good. I'm also close to clearing out the review queue for Scrapbook, which will give me a warm glow.

On the bad side, our shower broke last week - Alex was using it when he noticed that there was smoke rather than steam and a nasty plastic smell. As he said, it was quite good going for his subconcious really given how awake he normally is in the morning! When we took the cover off the wires were blackened :( Unfortunatly, the earliest we can get it replaced is Thursday this week apparently, so I'm showering at work and Alex is bathing in the mornings, which is awkward.

Having failed in my plan to try the Slimfast diet due to them having stopped making the foods I like and could eat in the office for it I've decided to try cereal instead so now I have a big box of cornflakes lurking in the office kitchen. I've also picked a random selection of pasta lunch things to make up when I want hot lunchtime food, although I gave in and went for a jacket potato today. Perhaps I should bring in low fat fillings or something - tuna mayo is not bad but it's not great either. I also plan to dance and revolve (or possibly revolt) this week - hopefully that'll be a fun way of getting a bit more exercise.

Went to see the in-laws on Sunday* which turned out to be a rather pleasant day - huge amounts of food (I didn't finish mine) from the BBQ, nice laid back relaxing chat and a look at Bob's latest crop of holiday photos. I have to say, if you are going to look through someone elses holiday photos, Bobs are the ones to look at. He's got very into digital photography and he has a great eye. There were some particularly amazing ones in this batch, including one of an artic tern swooping on him from above which is now my desktop background. I'll have to upload a protected copy to Scrapbook so you can see it - it really is a fab photo.

* I always feel a bit odd calling them my in-laws as, strictly speaking, they're not but it seems to trip off the tongue in a way "Alex's parents" doesn't and implies more of a relationship between them and me, which I think is appropriate these days. I always thought outlaws a bit self conciously silly for actual use and I don't think I've heard any other descriptors for it.
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