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In my handbag

I saw one of these recently, and decided when I was rooting for something in my bag this afternoon (hair clips, since you ask, which I seem to not have :( ) that it would be quite fun to detail my bag o doom because I have often amazed people by the things I pull out of here!

I opened my bag and in it I put...

  • Samsung Q1
  • Keyboard for same
  • Purse
  • Bike lights * 2
  • Plastic bag (inner pocket)
  • Spare treo stylus (inner pocket)
  • Phone (front pocket)
  • Headphones (front pocket)
  • Hands free kit (front pocket)
  • Keys (front pocket)
  • Work key card (front pocket)
  • Useful pouch, containing
    • Notebook
    • 3 * lemsip
    • Tissues
    • Paracetamol tab (2 left)
    • Tunes
    • 2 * Plasters
    • 2 * Matchbook
    • Matchbox
    • 2* AA batteries
    • Lipstick
    • Nail scissors
    • Black thread
    • White thread
    • Needle (tucked into white thread)
    • Disposable razor
    • Tiny hairbrush
    • Lipsalve
    • Moisturizer
    • Sunglasses

I suspect this is a handbag which will never be allowed on a plane!
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