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Emptied of expectation. Relax.

So, I thought it might be as well to do an "I haven't vanished from the face of the earth" update. No, I'm in Norfolk. Similar, but not the same :) I decided to distract myself from lack of boyfriend by a visit to my parents which has so far proved all that could have been hoped for in relaxation and good conversation.

I have also, for reasons somewhat unknown to me, decided to make assay of the other novels of Jane Austen in the house which I had not yet had the chance to read on finishing my latest re-read of Pride and Prejudice. I have so far completed Mansfield Park and am at present enjoying Persuasion. As you can see, it has had a little effect on my prose style, although I hope it may be of short duration.

I'm finding it rather strange having no Alex around. I am just so used to it, even on days where we only see each other at the start and end. I sleep oddly, with more dreams and more movement (although I am also in a single bed again for the first time in awhile, which is another source of strangeness). Apart from that though, I'm having really a lovely time. Dad went on a cookery course/holiday in France in May and since then the food here is even better than I remember it. Mum and I had an extremely pleasant and productive (!) shopping day - I spent a rather shocking amount of money but did manage to sort my clothing for the 2 weddings I am attending in the near future as well as some excellent office wear for the autumn. Really the only downside to the day was that starting so well so early, we had lots to carry around for the whole of the day. I have decided that if I ever go into business I will open a little cafe/locker room in the centre of town so that ladies can stash their bags as they shop.

Dad and I went to the beach earlier in the week - I always try to go for a beach walk when I come here - I love to see the sea. It's so wild and captivating. I failed to take my camera but I so rarely take pleasing photos of the sea that perhaps it is just as well - the movement is never captured. I did take off my trainers and walk along the beach barefoot, and even did a little paddling though, so I got good value from the day. Today was a trip to Blickling Hall, and although photos inside were forbidden I have some rather nice ones of the garden to add to one of my photo albums.

I'm currently rather wavering between photo hosting services. Scrapbook is OK in most respects but I find the gallery management awkward now that I have a rather large number of them. Flickr does have the benefit that not everything has to be organised into a collection and the Uploadr makes it much easier to add images than I found it last time I tried but I don't really like not being able to display my photos in the same style as the rest of my web pages. My own gallery software, written a while back, is not bad on either of those points but only currently has facilities to load up photos one at a time. Perhaps I should try to extend that with a windows client at some point.

Anyway, I digress. Tomorrow is the last full day of my visit here and we are going out to dinner with my brother and ... his fiance! Yes, Steve phoned home on Monday night to tell Mum that he had proposed to Amy while they were on holiday and she said yes! So there'll be a third wedding for me to go to at some point! The dinner we were planning to have anyway is therefore now an opportunity to toast them both, as well as an opportunity to beg my chance to be a bridesmaid - I've always wanted to since I was little and now could be my chance!
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