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Further study

I've decided that I do want to go ahead with doing some OU courses. I was surprised by how fired up just looking at the range of things available got me - it really sparked my enthusiasm and I found dozens of courses I'm interested in taking.

I've managed to whittle it down to just 4, all 10 point courses* at the introductory level, but I'm dithering on which of them to go for so, in traditional LJ style, I figured I'd post a poll :) They all sound like they'd be really interesting to me although if I am leaning towards one it would be Chance, Risk & Health, I think. What do you think?

Poll #825718 First course

What should I take for my first OU course?

* which seems to indicate a shorter course - all the higher level courses (as well as some of the other introductory ones) are 30 or 60 point courses. The idea being to do something that will give me a taster of the whole setup and help me get an idea of how much work is involved.
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