Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Floating voter?

On my way back to work at lunchtime (having dropped the bike off for puncture repair) I found myself listening to the lunchtime previews of the Tory party conference with what I can only describe as genuine interest, something so rare for me in conference season that I was genuinely surprised and started to wonder what was going on.

And here's the thing. I think the reason I'm listening interestedly is that I don't know who to vote for, which is something of a first for me. Although I support a lot of Labours social policy intentions I distrust their authoritarian attitude more and can't see myself voting for them. Up until now I've been a staunch Lib Dem but now I'm still angry with them about the kicking out of Charles Kennedy and really not sure about Ming and his plans. And the Tories? Well, the idea of conservatism with a social concience is appealing but I'd have to be sure that their "small government" instincts knew when to stop - I don't want a government too small to provide an NHS.

Then there are the smaller parties but none of them really seems to have enough of a practical overall programme to consider voting for (Citizen's income? I'm not convinced), quite apart from the question of wasted votes.

I think maybe I should make a quizilla quiz for candidates to take next election. It would have questions about all my key issues weighted by how much I care about them and then I could just see what the outcome was. But in the mean time, I'll be giving the Tories a fair hearing this week, which surprises me.
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