Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Wow, I obviously shouldn't have left the internet alone for the weekend as you lot seem to have been mad busy! Doing a quick catch up on Sunday evening after being prompted by the visit of archie was a very up and down experience - congratulations and comiserations where appropriate.

Anyway, as you may have implied from the above, I spent the weekend in a fairly relaxing fashion. Saturday was devoted to tidying up the downstairs, which was fairly sucessful, followed by gigging with white_hart and coalescent. I haven't been to a gig for ages, I realised afterwards, so perhaps it was appropriate that last week contained this year's John Peel day. It's hard to believe it's been 2 years. The gig (Seth Lakeman) was really rather good. Nice if unremarkable support followed by a very impressive performance from man and band. I'm always surprised when someone who is just advertised as themselves comes on with a band. In this case, not as unreasonable as it might at first appear as he did do one or two solo numbers as well as all the singing and the virtuoso fiddle playing but it would still be nice to have an "and x" after his name like Eliza Carthy and the Ratcatchers. The set itself was excellent - I'm not very familiar with his stuff, having only listened to a couple of tracks. My main reason for going was that I had missed him at Truck and wanted to make up for it. It was kind of a cross between folk and rock in some ways - mostly folk tunes(?) but given a less traditional, more rock'n'roll treatment. That's not actually quite right but I can't think of a better word to use than rock - I am lame at describing genre.

Sunday started off with the intention of being a lazy day. I roasted the mallard for Sunday lunch, which was rather nice. I haven't managed to make stock out of the carcass yet but I might. After that, there was lounging around discussing things and stuff and then Alex went out to be manly and remove the 2 wooden posts attached to the roof of the conservatory in the hope that we could find the source of the leaky roof underneath them. We did find a couple of screws standing proud which have now been screwed back in and covered firmly with mastik so fingers very firmly crossed we may even have managed it. Of course now that I want an experimental rainstorm, the skies are clear and blue - typical! Although according to MetCheck we do have some coming, including 13.8ml on Friday morning, which should test things a bit.

This week is our 9 year anniversary. Yes, we'll have been going out for a third of my life. I find that idea nice and kind of comforting, although Alex thinks it's disturbing - reminds him of getting older, I guess. Still, I like the thought. We're going to head out for dinner to celebrate.
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