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charlie, computer cat

April 2018



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Support trick or treat

OK, it seems to be support trick or treat time again and this year, I'm hosting on my journal! Halloween isn't such a big thing here as it is across the pond but I thought what the heck - why not get into it :) So, here we go:

I will treat you with some virtual candy for the following tricks:
- dress up one of my userpics for me (I'm rubbish with iconery :) )
- leave a sensible screened in Scrapbook if you're not an SH there and comment with the link
- approve an answer in Scrapbook if you are an SH there and comment with the link

I will treat you by doing something styles-ish for you (i.e. new style based on template you provide, add killfile to your current style, scrapbook style to match your current style) for the following tricks:
- send in a Scrapbook review (doesn't have to be all reqs done over Halloween, obviously, but no older than 2 or 3 weeks please)
- leave sensible screeneds on 5 styles requests: at least 1 about S1 and 1 about S2 and only 2 can be simple see the FAQ.
- approve 4 answers in Scrapbook

You have until I go home from work on Nov 1st (i.e. about 5pm GMT) - go for it!


Do ICs count?

And, hey, I've moved, like, 4 spam requests. That's gotta be something....
Only four? 0_0 The spammers must really be backing off of ScrapBook finally, in that case. ;) Like, geez, what was UP with that anyway? =P
Yeah, it was really weird, wasn't it. I never figured it out either.
OK, but they have to be proper investigative ICs, not just moving ones :)

Re: 5 styles requests

Pick your treat!

Re: 5 styles requests

I figured that I need help with the ScrapBook layout; otherwise it will never get finished. I'm good with tweaking layouts, but not writing from scratch, as I found numerous times. Which is okay, as I happen to like Opal. Except that there's no Opal in ScrapBook :(

This is what I have so far: http://pics.livejournal.com/manage/styles/advanced/layerbrowse?id=11576
Haven't had a chance to do any of these yet, but I'll give it my best shot. =)

Btw, did you forget to to post a link to your entry here?
Yeah, because I can't comment on comm posts from work so I haven't had a chance yet. Lunchtime...