Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

So, another week and I still haven't started my Christmas shopping. Usually I'm really good at this but this year I can't seem to summon the inspiration. Still, something will occur. I just keep thinking of things I want. I have a shopping list in my head for late night shopping on Thursday, although I should really put it on the internet, otherwise I'll forget all the things :)

This weekend was Bonfire night and we headed off to the Oxford city bonfire in South Park. Not too bad but very expensive was my verdict. Plus started about an hour late which meant that I got cold feet, although on the plus side, it did mean that Alex got to see it. I always miss the village bonfire though, which would be about the size of the Oxford one only with many fewer people and the ability to go right up to it if you want. The fireworks are not quite as impressive but again, the smaller size means they can do more with ground level stuff. Last year, I dragged Alex along but I don't think he quite enjoyed it as I did. Bonfire night was the only village event I really remember and I always really enjoyed it so there's nostalgia in spades for me :)

After the bonfire we headed back to my place for a roaring open fire (I <3 my fireplace, I really really do!) and Damian brought Jeremy's amazon package over for her to open. Her reaction suggests that she likes it so that's alright :) Also, it has funky texture, which you can't tell from the amazon review.

I was really hoping the fog would have cleared before it was time to head home today but it seems to be getting thicker, if anything, which is slightly unnerving. My route is not very traffic heavy but that also means that the cars you do meet can be rushing along not expecting bikes. I dithered about biking this morning, mostly because I can't find my warm hat I usually wear under my helmet in winter to keep my ears warm so my head is frozen by the time I arrive but in the end I decided that being able to see all the way to the end of my stopping distance was worth it :)
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