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charlie, computer cat

April 2018



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charlie, computer cat

Out and about

So I've been thinking about finding somewhere relativly near by that Alex and I could go tramping around in say once a month. It would get me out of the house and I think it would be a nice way to feel the seasons a bit - I got kind of inspired by Autumnwatch, you see.

A quick Google throws up the Otmoor RSPB reserve and the Sydling Copse nature reserve. I actually kind of like the idea of adding the Berks, Bucks and Oxon wildlife trust to my list of charitable contributions - it's rather my sort of thing, after all.

So anyway. My question is (a) has anyone been to either of these? or (b) does anyone know of any other nice local tramping around locations well away from the traffic and preferably with woodlandy bits?


What about the canal, or the river? The river is quite thickly wooded between Sandford and Abingdon, and the canal north of Kidlington is lovely - we've walked from our house up to the Rock of Gibraltar at Enslow before, which is something like seven or eight miles round and has a handy break for a pint in the middle.
There's Shotover common at your end of town -- you could walk from your house, pretty much.

Looks nice. It's down as a country park on my map which makes it sound private - like a golf course or something.
I second Shotover Hill. It's fab. There are quite a few green pockets in the city, see: http://www.oxford.gov.uk/leisure/nature-reserves.cfm

Of which I recently visited Lye Valley, which is basically a very pleasant linear path behind the golf course. http://www.bbc.co.uk/oxford/nature/walk_lye_valley.shtml

It was also right next to the house we didn't buy (sniff), but I've promised myself I'll do my bit once we move with http://www.ocv.org.uk/
Thanks for the links - Shotover does sounds nice...
Shotover and the Arboretum are our favourites, but don't leave out Dorchester and the Wittenham Clumps. The cakes are excellent.

I've mostly explored Otmoor by bike, though the going can be very rough off-road. Keep a look out for the Beast of Otmoor.
Stoke Wood, on the Bicester to Ayhno road is my favourite dog walking place (plus you could nip in here for a cup of tea!)

That university arboretum place down on the Oxford to Reading road.

Whitham (sp?) Woods of course!! Just get your uni permit first which is a doddle...

woodlandy bits

It's a bit further afield (south a tad), but have you visited the Wittenham Clumps? Very very pretty, lots of good walking, a nice drive (yes evil I know) to get there, and you have a good chance of seeing muntjak deer and such.