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I haven't actually written a proper what I've been up to entry since ... looks back ... last Monday, by the look of things, so for the benefit of posterity, here are the highlights in +/- form

+ Roleplaying a couple of weeks ago. Actually quite good fun and some action managed to get done! Plus pizza always puts me in a good mood.

++ Popping over to hang out with J&T in a relaxed fashion Tues & Weds - saw the day bed and a TV programme about men making a salami powered rocket. Also, didn't eat any chocolate dessert, despite it's tempting nature

+++ Space heros of the people gig. V. good live indeed. My 2 fave songs were of course the ones not on the CD - the dinosaurs one and the new one who's name escapes me - Jo did really funky bass/percussion on that one. Plus the Cellar was quiet enough at that time that I could pearch on a bar stool to enjoy the music. Next on, Smoof, had some good songs but were trying to hard costume and performance wise which I found rather offputting. The next band (100 bullets?) sounded OK but I had retreated round the corner by then due to crowd size (from where I made this post)

-- Scary accident on M40 on way to parents

-- Horrible cramps from M11 onwards on way to parents

++++ Shopping day with Mum and (intermittantly) Dad. Boy I love John Lewis. I bought cutlery (now I have nice cutlery for 8 people), bedding (it costs so much for a full set for a big bed!), tree decorations (shiny!), lots of pressies, a gorgeous chest of drawers and pair of bedside dressers for our bedroom (and a bargin, too) and a new tree. I love shopping.

++++ Steve and Amy coming over for family dinner and sitting around afterwards in stitches while we all helped Steve with the RT crossword.

- Phone not working. We've had this before - the phone is dead and the line sounds engaged when you ring it but the broadband works fine. I should just switch to voice over IP for all my calling needs.

- Roleplaying this week. I was pretty tired after the weekend and it just ended up being one of those sessions where nothing of note happens after a bit. All the interesting stuff with my old hero happened early in the evening and then there was lots of inconclusive what shall we do now talk because we hadn't really ended up with any new information. We did have a couple of fights but we're so well prepared now that it was all fairly straight foward. Still, inevitable that is going to happen some times.

+ Evening in on Tues watching West Wing episodes from S4 (my impatience has taken over and I've started to jump over the gaps of ones we haven't downloaded yet...) and the start of Veronica Mars S2 (sorry Alex - 4x10 t0 4x20 was a bit too much of a jump and there is was looking tempting...). There were lots of things I should have been doing like tidying up the house, painting the woodwork, etc but it was really relaxing. Plus I got cat snuggles.

-- Phone still not working on Wednesday, day of my first OU tute :( Emailed my tutor to warn her and suggest either moving it or doing it on my mobile. She opts for moving it.

--- She also asks me where my Learning Plan is. Blast it - forgot to post that!

--- Spend 20 mins in queue to Tiscali support on mobile. Get through. Told I will be transferred to faults. Quickly ask for (and receive) faults number. Get cut off. Praise own foresight. Realise number is same as originally dialled. Curse. Redial. Wait 20 mins. Still no answer. Leave house.

- Without my mobile phone.

-- Get puncture while crossing Magdelen Bridge. Curse. Leave bike locked to school railings (hope they haven't removed it - there were no signs...)

++ get taxi to meet Alex as I can't warn him I'm going to be late. Find him, get hugs. Go to Honeypot (Thirst not open yet) and get drink. Manage to meet up with Jeremy and Anna. Get another drink.

-- Realise have lost work access card. Could be anywhere between work and home :( Call IT to let them know.

++++ thai food, more cocktails and good conversation - all very relaxing. Home in taxi. Hugs from Alex.

So, on balance, I make that +2. So that's OK :)
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