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Rabbit day

From somewhere I have managed to collect a rather unpleasant cold which blocks my sinuses and saps my energy. I spent most of Saturday lounging around on the couch and watching Veronica Mars, which was very enjoyable. I may even be enjoying this second series more - it certainly has less flashbacking, which is a relief.

Sunday was Rabbit Day. Alex had collected a rabbit from the covered market for me on Friday which I turned into stew, Ellen bought pumpkin pie (not rabbit related but very nice) and we watched Watership Down and Svenkmayers Alice. I quite enjoyed Watership down, although I wouldn't say I loved it. I missed the stories they tell each other in the book but at least they didn't make any substantial plot changes (although one or two of the instubstantial ones baffled me rather - like why did they kill Blackavar off? I'm sure that didn't happen in the book). Overall, it felt a little like a summary of the book but was fairly enjoyable.

Alice, on the other hand, I found so incredibly dull that I ended up reading a Dick Francis book while it was on. Very pretty and arty, yes, but no actual characters or interaction. Thumbs firmly down. I also made people watch, in the gaps between the action, as twere, the first episode of Dinnerladies, the first Yes Minister and the first Yes Prime Minister, which is about the nuclear deterent.

I got the impression that the others didn't think much of Dinnerladies, which is a shame. It's one of my absolute favourite shows. Not often belly laugh material but it makes you smile and puts you in a good mood, I find. It's a very gentle humour and it doesn't have a nasty character in it really. I just don't have a proper vicious streak :) The Yes Minsters were great fun, as expected. I think they should arrange a special showing of the Trident one in the House of Commons. I love the fact that it dates so little (apart from the costumes :) ).

By the end of the evening I was starting to flag rather, the cold and the warmth of the fire conspiring against me, but it was a very enjoyable weekend, I would say. I didn't get a lot of the stuff I'd planned done, like going to Halfords with bike and car, but that can wait. When I've got rid of this cold, then I'll get on it.
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