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Emptied of expectation. Relax.

So, yeah. I should actually write entries instead of just thinking of entries more often. *goes to check last update* Hmm, not quite so bad as I thought, but still...

Finally finally managed to shake my cold and am hence in a much better mood. I've even cycled to work again the last two days (still horrible, but at least it's exercise). I put the Christmas tree up on the 2nd, and very nice it looks too. I now have an old fake tree which I decided to replace on the basis that it was getting slightly tatty - I wonder if you can recycle them? Probably not and I should just put it out for the bin men. Charlie has once again decided that the tree is her natural enemy. There is one particular bauble (fortunatly made of cloth) that she loves to grab off the tree and chase round the floor. Last night, she surpased herself and managed to get it into the coal scuttle so that she could combine playing with it with her other favourite game, getting things out of the coal scuttle to chase. She hasn't yet climbed up into the branches but I'm hoping for more cute Christmas photos.

I managed to have a very restful weekend last weekend while Alex and co were at ATP. I managed to paint nearly all the woodwork in my bedroom with the chosen purple colour except for one cupboard door which I forgot. I've been not getting around to this for weeks so it was very satisfying. I'll take pictures soon, honest. I also managed to keep Teasle company (what a nice cat!) and socialize with people as well as watching the most recent Veronica Mars. I'm all caught up now - I had been binging on it and watched seasons 2 and 3 (such as it is so far) in about 4 weeks so now I feel I've got nothing to watch again!

I still haven't written my Christmas cards - I wonder what the last posting date is? As in previous years, I won't be giving cards to folk I see regularly, who will get a Christmas hug instead on personal application.. This, fortunatly, reduces my list to a much more manageable level but I'm still not sure when I'm going to get to them.

We went to see the Prestige last week. Fantastic film and you should all go and see it. I loved the way it all tied together so well - nothing missing and nothing wasted. A very satisfying film indeed. We're going to Pans Labyrinth tomorrow, which I'm slightly more apprehensive about but, based on the Kermode's enthusiasm, I'm giving it a go. Prior to that, Christmas shopping - I really need to get finished off and hopefully, late night shopping won't be as crowded as weekends. We can but hope :) Then it looks like on Saturday I'm going to the Tate Modern to play on the slides (Niall, do I need to confirm that to anyone?), rather unexpectedly! Alex will be at Oxfam, unfortunatly, but it should be great fun all the same.

Tonight is bingo with the girls of OCC, which will be interesting. I've never been to bingo before and I kind of associate it with my Grandma, who always used to do rather well. It'll be good to see the OCC girls again though so I thought I'd indulge my curiousity. Wish me luck!
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