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charlie, computer cat

August 2018



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Queen of Cups

Last night

Finally, I have managed to finish my Christmas shopping! I've done everyone, oh yes I have and Mum, your pile is no longer meagre :) Now I just have to wrap it all up. I ended up stashing it at Alex's office because I didn't think I'd be able to bike it home but in the end I could have kept hold of it as I ended up taxi-ing home with Ruth :) We were out celebrating the end of term and talking of Brownie stuff and everything else in the world. We always seem to have quality nights out - it was really good, although probably not fantastic for the diet :) Actually, I'm not going to worry too much about the diet until after Christmas - after all, I wouldn't want to spoil the gourmet feast Dad's preparing for us!

When I was at the gig on Sunday, the idea suddenly popped into my head that I would try to do a post every day next year. Could be fun, although it's unlikely I'd actually manage it. Still, I might give it a go. Something about the Pindrop Choir put me in a very aspirational mood - I was making plans to hand on the cello and start playing the violin again and join some kind of choir (again!) and all sorts :)


gah! I plum forgot about last night! Of course, I'd have been too tired after work anyhow, but, teh suck. :P
So it goes - next term we'll get you out :)