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Planning and prioritizing

Well, I got in touch with a couple of architects today to set the ball rolling on our possible extension (yes, Mum, you can start squeeing now :) ), which is very exciting. And I contacted 2 people about floorboard restoration yesterday.

In fact, I forgot to tell you all about that - I had an incredibly active day last Saturday! I managed to get up at a sensible time (I've decided to try to do this more so I'll have more weekend. Also, I've noticed that I often actually have more energy for the day if I do) and then forced Alex to get up at a sensible time too so that I could remove the carpet in our bedroom. This was a bit of a heavy task but between us, we managed it. I also took up the underlay and the bits of lino which were under that(!). Then it was into the boot with all that while I went round the bedroom prising up the bits of wood which had been nailed down round the edges to grip the carpet. The floorboards are mostly quite nice, in fact, but there's some at the edges that need repair and they're kind of patchwork looking as the bits that were under lino are much paler.

After that I got the two bedside cabinets I bought home from Norfolk, unpacked them from their cardboard, transferred our stuff into them and put them in place (where they look very nice indeed, I have to say). The upshot of this, by the way is that I have a spare bedside cabinet (1 drawer, open storage underneath, slight paint spattering) if anyone wants it.

All of the carpet, wood and cardboard then went down to the recycling centre (very cautiously as the car was so stuffed I couldn't see as much as usual) and got into the appropriate bins just before the rain started. I was amazed that not only was the centre open but the Council phone line for waste info (who I called to check they took carpet) was manned despite this being between Christmas and New Year.

But I digress. Anyway. The point is that the New Year seems to have put me into a kind of spring cleaning mode and things which I've been meaning to do for quite a bit have started to get done again. Unfortunatly, I let my list kind of pile up in December so there's quite a bit of stuff that I've either started or definitely committed to do which needs to get done:

  • Opal for Scrapbook - this was camomiletea's treat for halloween so I really ought to pull my finger out!
  • Brownie planning for this term (arranged for next Weds)
  • Bills for Jan (really must do this tonight!)
  • Cancel Sky subscription (this really ought to be easy!)
  • Review finances re. extension project. Start making plans to move/re mortgage (to get good rate again).
  • 2 more gifts for sekrit bunneh (should be easy - just have to remember to take posting time into account)
  • Read chap 5 of course book. Decide which essay to do for second OU assignment.
  • Do Brownies accounts for last term. Pay last terms rent. Call parents of Brownies we have places for now.
  • Shop for Xmas coat with Alex
  • Collect or arrange for visitor to bring chest of drawers for bedroom from Norfolk

I've been thinking about making one of those coloured timetable thingies assigning each of my evenings to one of my different project (Brownies, Support, house, etc) but actually, that's just a way for me to procrastinate and I wouldn't stick to it anyway - I wouldn't manage anything rigid. I do need to spread my energy better though - I tend to get all involved in one area and let the others tread water. Perhaps just try to make sure each area with pending tasks gets one evening in my week where I spend a little time on it.
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