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charlie, computer cat

January 2019



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Well, domestic weekend going fine so far, although I had been hoping to get out into the garden a little bit. Ah well, maybe tomorrow. We de-duplicated the Pratchett today before Alex went to Oxfam, which will give us a bit of slack in our bookshelves. I'm sure no household really needs 3 copies of Interesting Times, after all! Turns out we're only missing 2 Discworld books of those in paperback, which is not bad.

The trouble with being domestic on a Saturday afternoon is that there's no good radio after the World at 1. You're stuck with Any Questions and Any Answers, which are unbearable and then the Saturday play, which is rarely my kind of thing (although listening to a few recent afternoon plays has changed my opinions of the possibilities of radio drama). Today I've been listening to Sams Town again. This was one of Alex's Christmas presents that we were both really pleased with. We had it on while we were driving to London in our Christmas round trip and it's definitely a grower - nothing really hit me the first time round then the second time (long drive), I started to get into Read My Mind and Uncle Jonny. This time, I've been enjoying pretty much all of it and I think it's actually more like the first album than I thought - the big anthemic sound is still in there when you listen. Highly recommended.


I brought back all my Pratchetts from home this last trip :-) It's nice to have them to hand again.

There really is nothing at all on the radio at the weekend, is there? Any Answers is dreadful...
I like Saturday mornings (Week in Westminster, From Our Own Correspondance, News Quiz) and Sunday evenings (Pick of the Week, other things I forget) but in between it's pretty much a desert :( So it goes, I guess.
I thought you had a little samsung tablet jobbie which had wi-fi built-in - can't you use that as an internet radio (I'm thinking of the BBC's on-demand content in particular).

I'm not the biggest fan of Lammo, so when I get home from work I usually switch on the MagicBox and play something else while I spend a few mins pushing back the frontiers of squalor. For a couple of days it was a random bluegrass station, but more normally it's Indie 103 from LA or a Marc Riley show from the week just gone.

And speaking of your Samsung, I wanted to ask, how easy is it to use the bundled keyboard? Is it true that it would be a little hard to compose scurrilous emails while sat up in bed/on the loo? The little lappy has been sent back so now I am thinking (again) of what to get.
I find it quite comfortable but you do need something to rest the setup on if you want to use the keyboard - a largish hardback book suffices nicely for me. You might also have trouble if you had larger fingers than me but I seem to remember yours as being quite dainty :)
Maybe calling in to Any Answers is the answer. I'm always surprised by how many left/liberal callers there are on that show, of all ages; and likewise what versions of 'the facts' do and do not appear in any given week. You can always get a different take on what people have as "givens" in their reasoning.

But it would be better if more people between the ages of 17 and 40 rang up, certainly.