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Next steps

So I've been browsing round the OU website thinking about what my next course might be, and I've come up with some intriguing possibilities, but way too many to take all at once!

I'm definitely keen to take Understanding Children, another 10 point course. It looks like it would be very interesting and some of it would be relevant to the work we do at Brownies so it would be good from that point of view as well. As this is a 10 point course, I think I could manage to take another course along side this though.

There's Intro to the Social Sciences: Understanding Social Change (although I'd probably take this as the 2 30 point lumps). This is the follow on to the course I'm currently doing, and it does sound interesting. The study areas sound good and its likely that the frustrations I've felt with lack of depth on the course I'm currently doing wouldn't be so much of a problem in a broader course. On the one hand, it would be good to do this while I'm in a social science mindset but on the other hand, I quite like the idea of having a bit of a change and studying a different area.

There's Rules, Rights and Justice: an introduction to Law, which just sounds fascinating.

Discovering Science is another one which caught my eye. It's incredibly wide ranging and could be really interesting.

Then there are some level 2 courses that look interesting. That implies they'd be more challenging than the level 1 courses but on the other hand, they're both history courses, which I studied to A-level and have kept up an interest in.

Exploring History: Medieval to Modern 1400 - 1900 sounds really fascinating. It's a period I've never studied in depth (we did mostly 20th century for GCSE and 19th for A-level), although I have This Sceptered Isle level basic knowledge of what was going on in this country. It does sound like it's got quite a tight timetable though.

Then finally there's Exploring the Classical World. That's a period of history I know basically nothing about and would love to know more.

Most of those have a pretty close deadline to register for the course (end of this month basically) so I have to decide fairly soon. Can I do a 10 point course at the same time as a 60 point one? The stuff on the website suggests that most students only take 60 points worth of courses in a year but I do know that I'm a quick study and certainly the 10 point course I'm doing right now hasn't really made much impact into my free time at all. Or I could combine it with the 30 point Social Sciences course, although that wouldn't give me as much of a change of pace. And then am I ready for level 2 courses or should I try a longer level 1 course first? What do you reckon? Which of these would you pick?
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