Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Having a slightly odd work day today. Lots of odd tasks getting in the way of me starting on one of my bigger projects. I've started another task management kick (in my constant search for a system which will prevent me from letting small tasks slip through the cracks) and am currently quite liking Remember the Milk, which is easy on the eye and seems to work nicely (although I would like the ability to add dependancies). It also works if you set it as your desktop wallpaper using Windows Active Desktop, which I tried for a bit as one of the other ones I used made it a feature but although it's quite neat, I ended up actually preferring it in a browser window with my other admin type tabs (mail, calendar).

Yesterday was parcel-o-rama day here at the office. 2 delivered to me en-route to other people (art_geek, I've got your uniform), my thermos and new headphones from Amazon and finally, my sekrit bunneh present! Awesome, bunneh! I gotz Oggz :) They're a little washed out in the strong lighting here but still lovely - I'll be posting a picture. I might rig up a little paper shelter for them - that's sure to get funny looks from my collegues!
Tags: geek, lists, lj support, recommendations
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