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charlie, computer cat

January 2019



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webdesigner - chez geek

Awesome to the max!

I've been vaguely poking around for something that will allow me to run IE6 and IE7 side by side for a while now. The MS approved solution is to download Virtual PC and then a PC image. They supply both for free but the image takes up 1.5gig of hard disk space! That seemed crazy-wrong to me so I kept looking, and finally, today, I found it. Install multiple stanalone versions of IE on your PC - everything from IE3 to IE6. Seriously, web design gold dust, as far as I'm concerned. I'm running IE6 on my other monitor right now, looking at the display bug in my work website. It needs a tweak to work with conditional comments but that's not much to ask.



Bandwidth Smandwidth?

An an age of
of high bandwidth for internet users, why do people still concern themselves with keeping webpages they build under 110K??
scrayjeff told me about this recently as well. I just saw him IC-ing on some requests with information about both IE6 and IE7, and I asked him about it. So now I also have both of those. I didn't install IE3/4/5, I felt that would be overkill, but having 6 and7 side by side is great for troubleshooting.




Do you ever think "why bother paying for broadband when -- and it's an particularly large number in my case-- their are 4 wireless networks I
can connect to in my apartment building and I have no ill intent?

Re: Hotspots

No, not really - we use a hell of a lot of bandwidth as we download a lot of stuff so we would fill up their allowance pretty quickly, which wouldn't be fair.


how much is worth

Sorry this is off topic: I am trying to find the best way to get a accurate value of things being put on ebay.
Is the best way simply to look at "finished auctions" or are there services. These are both electronics and stuff I've had since childhood?

Re: how much is worth

Well, I've never sold anything on eBay myself, only bought. I tend to look for auctions which are about to finish to get an idea of the price but that doesn't mean there aren't services I'm not aware of. Sorry I can't be more help.

I'm curious, as you didn't sign your comment - do we know each-other?