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charlie, computer cat

February 2019



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I wish we had some way of transmitting music signals from one room to another. I'd really like a little receiver I could put in the conservatory which would pick up and echo the music playing in the living room. Then, when I'm tidying up downstairs and pottering around as I do I could have an even volume through downstairs rather than having it turned up rather high in the living room so I can listen to it comfortably in the conservatory when I finally settle down to work.

I was thinking recently that I highly doubt we'll ever buy a conventional stereo system again. With computers so small and cheap these days and all our music on the portable hard drive accessible over the network, it just makes no sense. We'll just gradually replace them for computers with good speakers and have all the internets worth of radio available into the bargain. Although of course you do have that annoying effect which I've noticed with my digital radio where there's lag. I do quite often have the radio on in several rooms as described above but that only works if they're in sync, otherwise it's annoying and confusing instead. Ah well, I guess if the internets all have the same lenght delay on then that will work out OK.


Actually, last party at a friends' house - they had a set-up like that. Some sort of wireless transmitter attached to their main older stereo system, with a receiver on a separate speaker system in another room. It muted the main stereo system during transmitted play.
The OFCOM rules say that the low power FM transmitters on the lines of iTrips are legal with a range up to 8m. I have no idea whether you can get ones that actually transmit that far.

Also, this looks promising

I think it is easy to forget or fail to notice how crap DAB actually is. I have actually come around to agreeing with the obsessives raving all over teh internet that the bit-rate is just too low. I noticed this when Liz Kershaw played something that I had on the SD card in the car radio so I had heard the same track on MP3 (can't remember what rate I encoded them at) and by comparison the DAB sounded strained through a sock.