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charlie, computer cat

December 2018



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This veg box business is definitely a challenge. I have to think of something to do with a sweet mama squash, which is a new one on me. Also, I need new and interesting ways to cook cabbage. In fact, most urgently, I need some onions, but those are coming courtesy of Mr Tesco this evening so that's one thing sorted at least.


I've posted several pumpkin/squash recipes in recent months (the different varieties are more or less interchangeable) - search back through my posts tagged 'food'. Also, have you tried browsing the recipes on the Riverford website?
Not yet - I thought I might this evening. I hadn't realised they were fairly interchangable though - that's definitely useful to know.
Yes, you can basically substitute any of the winter squashes for any of the others.

I often roast squash - it's nice with halloumi, or feta. I've also done veggie stews with squash and chorizo and beans, and I made a very nice pumpkin curry the other week (be warned if you want to try it though - don't try to substitute fenugreek powder for fenugreek seeds, as the powder is much much bitterer!)
What she said - (we have a veg box, so this problem often arises). Roasting is our default treatment for squashes, followed by risotto or curry if we can be bothered.
Nigel Slater's 30 minute cook is good for veg boxes, as it's filed by ingredient - it contains lots of good cabbage suggestions, including our favourite "Monday Night Supper" whereby you stir fry the remains of Sunday's roast with cabbage, a glass of red wine and a glass of left-over gravy.
sweet mama squash

Sounds unbelievably filthy.

That is all.

-- tom


veg boxes

How about buttered cabbage? Too calorific? Raw is good in a winter salad.

Roast squash is good or maybe mashed with potatoes like you can with swede (notthat I've tried that one).

I expect Chef will have lots of ideas I'll ask.

See you Saturday. xxx

Re: veg boxes

Buttered cabbage sounds good - how do you make it? I've heard you can mash it but I'm not sure how that works - how do you cook it beforehand? Roast?