Emptied of expectation. Relax. (tinyjo) wrote,
Emptied of expectation. Relax.

Back from my birthday weekend away (I have an official birthday now). Cats very pleased to see me, as usual, and, again, the postman las left my post outside, although this time at least it was behind the back door. My OU stuff again - this time, the fossils stuff, and I have to say, it does look very cool. I even have practical kit, although I'm saving exploring that for the appropriate point in the course.

I also got my second TMA back just before heading out for the weekend, which was very cheering. My tutor seemed extremely chuffed with it - apparently, I've cracked referencing (by putting in references for every single idea I've used rather than assuming one reference per paragraph will cover all ideas from the same source for that para) and she was very impressed that I actually went and looked up my own evidence for some of the stuff (league tables from the BBC website mostly).

I read My Sisters Keeper over the weekend too, which I got as a birthday gift. I really enjoyed it, although I felt slightly cheated by the ending. It seemed like a cheaters dramatic way out of the terrible hard situation. A way of taking the decision away when the whole point of the novel was to give the decision to Anna. Very emotional. It also has a section of book club notes at the back, something I've started to notice in a certain type of literary fiction which I find very annoying because I can't stop myself reading them. Right after finishing a book is too soon to think about thematic elements, I say.
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