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Well, another day, another dollar. Our office has been pretty quiet today actually, although mostly due to booked holidays rather than travel chaos (tm). The snow did look very pretty this morning, I have to say, although the black slush on the roads less so.

I seem to have got into a bit of a mental slump. I had a really very alert period last week where I got lots done, both official work and OU stuff but the end of that week and this week, I just haven't had the mental energy to focus much so I've been reading Chalet school books, although I did get a few things done today in the end. Not sure what might have brought that on - I suppose it could be hidden time of the month style thing, in which case hopefully it'll wear off. Other than that, I suppose a few early nights are in order. Fortunatly, we have nothing planned for the weekend as I have an essay plan to write and the house is in what could charitably be called a state.

This mental fatigue is also extending itself to lack of cooking inspiration so I have no idea what to make this evening. I'll just have to look round the kitchen and hope something suggests itself.
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