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I really need to change my webhosting provider I think. I'm having more problems with mail going astray and they've done something horrible to the MS Access stuff on my website*. Unfortunatly, I only renewed the damn thing in November. I cherish fond hopes of a part refund but in practice I know I've no rights to one - I'll just have to suck it up, I guess.

Now I just have to figure out where to go for web hosting. Any suggestions? I'd infinitely prefer UK based, to avoid having all my private emails at the whim of someone else's government (although these days, ours is bad enough on that stuff, at least I have someone to complain to and be ignored by). Decent webmail would also be a plus - then I could stop sending everything via gmail (see prev sentance, plus google unnerve me).

Really, I'd like to run the whole thing from here but I don't really have quite the ability to actually do it, which is annoying. Plus, of course, the extra electricity. Sharing server space as car-pooling, eh. In the end, I'm just not uber enough for my own set-up, or to rent server space and run something myself (for a start, all the ones I've seen of those are linux/unix based). I must resign myself to being a techo-prole, but hopefully one who knows enough to get good service.

* Yes, I know but it's a way of having database apps on my own site without having to pay extra hosting charges
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