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charlie, computer cat

August 2018



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Getting things done?

I'm procrastinating from my tasks (well not quite, actually, I'm running *slooow* tests on the test server) by looking at Getting Things Done web apps again. I'm currently using Remember The Milk for my task lists, which is pretty good, except for one annoying thing. When I complete a next action for a project, I have to then go back and choose another next action. What I want is to be able to order my tasks and have the next one automatically marked as my next action and to view a list which contains my next actions and nothing else. Oddly enough though, it doesn't seem to be what any other GTDers want - I haven't managed to find a single app with both these features so far :( In fact only one has the auto-next-action thing and I found the display of actions there so weird that I couldn't settle to it. I have a horrible suspicion that I'm going to have to write one of my own. Sadly, I'd also like one which was fairly nice looking/easy on the eye and, well, my design skillz per se are not up to much, although I can probably put together something reasonable in neutral colours.
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I'm not into GTD myself, not being organised enough for that... But when I think about it, being able to view a set of actions that I need to do in sequence, with nothing else, and move from one to the next sounds like the obvious thing... Automatically marking the next one might be unnecessary as long as the order is settable and it's at the top of the list.
The idea of a needing to write a Getting Things Done app of your own seems kinda counter-productive to the whole GTD thing... :)
Funnily enough, the only appointment I have in Outlook Tasks that has survived being synchronised across various upgrades is your birthday. Happy birthday!
Hee! Thank you :)