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So, I ended up having a really lovely birthday on Tuesday. As we'd been down to my folks a couple of weekends ago I wasn't really thinking of making much of a thing of it at all and hadn't really made any plans. In the morning I got an extra big hug from Alex and my pressie (which he'd cunningly tucked away on his side of the bed) - all the CDs of I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again*! Which represents an act of heroic self sacrifice on his part as I cackle and know the words to some of those episodes :)

Off to work, as per, and I get a parcel. Ooh, thinks I :) It was actually gifts from Alex's mum, including Dance Factory from my wish list, which is one of those dance mat games except you can use your own CDs for the tunes instead of being stuck with the ones they pick, which is pretty awesome. Alex and I made IM plans to meet up after work for dinner at my favourite resturant and then a film. I also got Happy Birthday'd by quite a few people online, which made me feel all warm and glowy - as I hadn't really mentioned it this year, I hadn't thought anyone would remember, so thanks, guys.

Dinner was lovely, and then we went to see Hot Fuzz, which was a lot of fun (if a bit gory in places). Pub, with birthday hug from cleanskies followed and then it was off home again. It was here that my equilibrium slightly broke because we went down the river path and as we got across the first set of bridges onto the straight, we could see a fire in the distance. Not a big one but it seemed odd. Alex thought it might be on the other side, where he's seen fires before but actually, we got up to it to discover that it was a bin fire. Fortunatly, there seemed to be no fire setters hanging around nearby! It wasn't too big but it was obviously burning away merrily and close to overhanging trees and a wooden fence so we decided to play it safe and called the fire brigade, delaying us slightly as we had to head back up to Folly Bridge to guide them in. Very odd.

Overall, birthday rating = excellent.
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