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Been catching up on my study this evening - getting into a really quite interesting bit about the medieval church - lots of schisms and so on. I've got my first TMA for this course in a week or so, which I'm a little nervous about. Its focusing on primary sources which while I don't generally have a huge problem understanding I'm very bad at writing about. I seem to have a different sense of which bits are self evident and which bits are worth discussing than they expect based on the exercises in the text so far. Ah well, I can only do my best. Still haven't had anything about the results of my ECA for sociology but I think I can only pass or fail that course so hopefully it should be good enough for a pass - still, don't count your chickens, etc etc.

This weekend I'm going to set some time aside for fossils. I've been putting off doing my drawnings but I should really get on with it. After all, how hard can it be? And they're not examinable, thank goodness!
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