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charlie, computer cat

December 2018



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I really love this time of year. Coming out of work this evening to find that it was still bright and light and really pretty looking and, indeed, not cold enough to require my hat is just such a mood lifter after the grim cloudly rainy end of winter/start of spring. Partly it's that I know that this is just a prelude to my absolute favourite time of year, very early summer, where its warm and you can wear strappy tops/dresses but you don't get wiped out in the middle of the day by the heat. But it is also partly that I get a kick out of this time too. I get the urge to go out into the garden and start doing things again. I start thinking about walking places and taking off my coat to get the benefit of the sun on my skin. The whole aspect of life just brightens up. Yay for spring, say I.


I'd be more yay for spring if (a) we'd actually had a proper winter and (b) it wasn't so freakishly early...

But I do like the weather at this time of year. I got off the bus early and walked to work through the Parks this morning, and it was cold and the mist was just lifting, but it was so obviously going to be a glorious day. And at lunchtime it was beautifully warm. (And I hate hot weather, mostly because I don't wear strappy tops and dresses because I feel uncomfortable having that much flesh on public view, to say nothing of bra straps!)
It's good, isn't it.

I drove past you on my way home on Tuesday.. would have stopped and said hello, but Folly Bridge isn't a forgiving place to do so.
Heh, yeah, probably for the best :)