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charlie, computer cat

August 2018



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I have been absolutely convinced for the whole of this week that next week was my brothers wedding and the last week of March. It was only last night while we were out at the luminox that I was forced to look at my calendar and discovered that there's another whole week to go! Of course, allied to that, that means I have to go into work for a full week next week instead of getting 3 days off, which is part of my frustration. On the other hand, it gives me more dithering time before deciding what to buy from the wedding list for them.

All in all, this has been a pretty good week at work, as I got lots of thanks for bringing in 2 rush projects I was asked to take on in with aplomb. I have to say I was feeling rather pleased with myself this afternoon.

Having signed up to basically every web 2.0 task manager out there (and boy do I wish they would get open ID - separate registration for everything is sooo 2006) I have finally decided that there just isn't one out there that does what I want and so I'm going to write one myself. It's surprising how often this is the case really - I think I'm just too picky :)


I know what you mean - I keep having the same feeling. I think it's because last month was so much shorter!


steve's birthday

sorry to contact you like this but not sure what your e mail address is. Steve's birthday present hasn't arrived - should it have? More fossils for me tomorrow I think it's getting harder as I go along. Speak soon. lots of love mum

Re: steve's birthday

That's ok. Email should be working now but you never can tell. Steves present should have gone off as well, I thought. I'll check.

Re: steve's birthday

typical! I thought they were going to dispatch it straight away but it says on the page that they dispatched on Friday! Ah well, it's on it's way now.