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Top 5

Well, I asked for a couple of these ages ago and then forgot to do them! So, we have

Top 5 Oxford pubs for swisstone

5) The Kings Arms
Not spectacular, but combines good food at sensible prices and good drink selection with a very handy location and a nice atmosphere. Tendancy to be rather full and a bit smokey - I think this could go up the list when the smoking ban comes in.

4) The Old Tom
Again, convenient location and nice food (although not much low-carb choice). Tends not to get too full and completely non-smoking. On the downside, not very well laid out for large parties - we manage, but could be better.

3) The Radcliffe Arms
Actually, the last time I went here, just before Christmas, I had to leave because of the awful music and since we used to live at this end of town it does seem to have been going a bit downhill but it still has what we loved when we were students - big cheap menu with good service and plenty of space out the back in the conservatory.

2) The Head of the River
I love the location of this and they do fantastic lasagne and a good selection of drinks (btw as a wine drinker, I base my assessment of this on how much my beer drinking friends complain about plans to go here!). Particularly in the summer, it's a great place to sit but loses out on being very crowded with tourists and other drunken summer crowds

1) The Angel & Greyhound
Bar billiards! Also, lots of other games, a nice outside seating area, nice and close to my end of town straight forward food and good drink. It's the bar billiards that wins it though :)

And Top 5 bits of shiny tech for white_hart

5) I would like to nominate an mp3 player for this slot but the synching/file storage issues I've seen with Alex's iPod mean that I wouldn't go for that and my own, while an excellent actual player was not the most beautiful of designs. I think then, on pure looks, I will go for the tiny shiny Powerbook. Googling tells me that I'm thinking of the 12inch aluminium G4 but it seems Apple don't make them any more (and the photos of the MacBooks are too arty for me to be able to tell if the finish is the same, but anyway, they're not as titchy). I remember Damian getting this delivered to OCC and falling in love with it. It was just so so gorgeous. It's the only computer I've seen which made me seriously consider getting a Mac because it was so cute.

4) Nokia Internet Tablet. I've had a play with this and it is nice. Very very crisp so you can read ok even with its very small size, builtin VOIP, very cute. Now if it just had a keyboard... (actually, Damian, what is the text entry method? I can't remember).

3) TIVO. In a completely different area, but. The original and still the best in hard disk recording. It just amazes me that there's still nothing else that really touches it. The future of TV.

2) Treo 700p. I actually haven't got one of these, having shared my PDA functions between my Q1 and my phone but I still think that these are a pretty awesome bit of kit short of having a UMPC. Alex has got the Windows version of this, but having seen that, I still prefer the Palm version.

1) The Q1 Ultra. This isn't even available yet but it will be soon and I am so going to buy it (anyone interested in a second hand Q1 should let me know :)). Seriously, though, it's basically the Q1 with the annoying bits fixed. Could not be cooler. Having said that, I actually haven't looked around much at the rest of this years crop of UMPCs so it's possible I'll change my mind, but based on the raves for this baby, it's unlikely.
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