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charlie, computer cat

December 2018



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Well, thanks to the stalwart help of oxfordhacker, timscience and damiancugley I have got tickets for everyone I promised in my previous post. Due to lack of forward planning on my part those are the only people I have got tickets for - if I'd remembered to get cash out before setting off I could have got more but they sold out while we were getting to the Tesco cash point and back! That is now IT for Oxford tickets, although there are some in other bits of Oxfordshire (see this is Truck). Also none of the online tix have gone on sale yet so it's possible that more will become available. I've signed up for the mailing list just in case, as Jenni tells me the advanced tix haven't been announced on that yet...

Edit Online tix are now on - does anyone need any more?


Have just got four from t'internet

so can reallocate one or two. Suspect Dan / Deirdre may want one but will check with them separately.

Re: Have just got four from t'internet

Yes, I did wonder about that. OK then so you'll sort yourself out of those?
I got two for me and Ian from a second-hand book shop in Wallingford. In between my phoning and getting there, he had allocated another seven by phone. While I went to borrow Ian's cash card (mine got cracked and the new one hasn't come yet), he'd allocated another three. I imagine he's sold out by now.
Awesome - I wanted to ring and check you guys were all set. They're going to be sold out by the end of the day from all sources, I reckon.
You know juggzy, don't you? She's after one if there's a spare after it all shakes out.
OK, she seems to have got one from jinty
Hang on, is there any point talking to you about tickets any more, or i should i just go and chase an internet one?

Somehow managed to completely miss your post about tickets before :'(.

-- tom
You are in luck. jinty has managed to get internet tickets so doesn't need the one I bagged for her after all leaving me with one spare.

In fact it looks like internet tickets didn't go nearly as fast - I checked today and they're still available too - but you might as well have one of the ones I've got
Wootolplex! You are, once again, my hero.

I have been quite perplexed by Truck this year. Last time i looked, they hadn't posted details of buying tickets online, so i registered to get emailed when they did, but they are now available online, and no email in sight ...

Let me know how much i owe you, and your bank details, and i will wire it over straight away.

-- tom