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Which I am famously not good at, as you may know. Today is the last possible day for submitting the CMA for my fossils course, which I hope means that results will be on the way soon. Even if they wait to release any results until they've processed all the submissions (you can send in a paper form where you block out the right cells that then gets fed into the computer) it shouldn't take them too long, right?

Of course this means that there is a significant chance that I will have enrolled on, completed and received points for this course while still waiting for my final assessment for my sociology course to be marked. I have emailed my old sociology tutor about this but no response so far. I know they got it as it says so on the course website - they just haven't marked it yet. Sigh.

I'm also waiting on another history assignment to be marked but I only sent that in last week so I'll cut them a bit of slack there :) Next block is the one that least interested me when reading through the course description so I'm going to have to be very disciplined about getting my work done.

I'm dithering about starting another science course for the summer. On the one hand, I'm feeling quite buoyed up about the whole sciences thing but on the other, I am going to be away for two weeks at various points so what with keeping up with history as well would I be giving myself too much to do?
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