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charlie, computer cat

November 2018



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:p kittie

Hey, check out the map of online communities. I would totally have this as a poster :)


where is livejournal?
Next to Xanga, mid left.
Fools! With the assistance of the terrorist/Brazillian legions of Orkut, the mighty Facebook army will soon drive Livejournal into the sea! I can almost hear the wailings of the Russians and emo kids on the shores of the Bay of Angst even now. Xanga will not hold out for long, and soon, our cliquey, college-based dominion will span THE WHOLE OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKING PENINSULA! Ahahahahaa! Ahaha. Ah. Ha.

Hoo boy.

-- tom
We will fight you on the beaches!
... and in the communities, and the friends lists. We will never delete ...

-- tom
Particularly fun would be putting little red push-pin images on all the 'countries' you've visited. lol! They should make a meme out of that.
Hell, yes! Great idea.
I was very amused at the current xkcd too. I think that would make a nice t-shirt design.
Talking of online stuff, I went to tinyjo.net and there's nowt there! Poor web 1.0, gathering dust in the corner like an old 75mhz desktop with 400mb HDD....
Talking of stuff gathering dust, was it you I passed the Magic Box Of Fitness Stuff to? - and if so, if it's not being used, I have some newly gym-going colleagues who could make good use of some of the contents...
Oops - I have obviously forgotten to set my default document as http://www.tinyjo.net/default.asp works OK.

You lent me a Dummies yoga DVD but I'm not remembering anything else off hand.
Hmm. So I wonder who DID get the box of Fitness Stuff including resistance bands, weights, and (this was what I thought my colleagues could do with) the copy of Fitness for Dummies? I am getting terribly old and forgetful (mind you, there is so much more to remember these days: one used to just have a big ol' text config file for software, and now the data is sprinkled round the registry like so many cherry blossom petals, not to mention the umpty tumpty xml config files, binary data config files, and (yes!) regular text config files that we also use).

Are you using the yoga dvd btw? If not, *I* could make good use of it (I am soo stiff...).
Well, I'll have a hunt around and check just in case. I'm not using the DVD at the moment - I just couldn't take it seriously in it's For Dummies box.