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charlie, computer cat

December 2018



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kitn ninja

This week really hasn't worked out at all like I expected. I mean, it's been good and all, but now I really have to fit a lot into next week!

Specifically I have to fit in writing my essay for history and visiting the family planning clinic before I head out to the states next week. I also need to finalise the booking for the big party of doom (watch this space for forthcoming date announcements) and reply to a couple of rather urgent emails.

On the other hand, I did make it to Your Song (fave set the Evenings and friends - Thriller! The Locomotion!) where I literally shouted myself hoarse. I also made it to the district meeting which I nearly forgot about (which ran very long indeed!) and finished Season 2 of the West Wing last night, after getting in late from work and waiting ages for pizza.

I also ordered myself the most adorable mp3 player last night. I wanted a new USB flash drive as my current one is not big enough and is starting to look a little loose in the casing and then my mania for convergence devices kicked in and I thought "Wouldn't it be awesome if it was also an MP3 player?! I could stick playlists on it and when I'm at work it could be attached to my computer, charging and playing through there." A bit of hunting around on Amazon turned up this Samsung item which not only does that but is an FM radio too - nifty, eh? It's coming from a market place seller so they're not dispatching it until Monday according to Amazon (although I'm hopeful thats just worse case arse covering and it might turn up earlier - that's certainly been the case with other Marketplace things I've bought) so fingers crossed it'll be here before I head off for my flight on Friday week (squee!). Which reminds me that I also need to find out what you can take on planes these days.

I've also set myself up for a busy weekend and, come to that, a busy week next week, but I'm feeling gregarious lately so I might as well take advantage of it while I can, right? I just have to try and avoid having to take my essay with me to work on while I'm on holiday :)
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Where in States?
Vegas! I'm coming over to meet up with the other support admins :)