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Vegas writeup

So, now that I can post long rambling posts again, I want to put up something about the rest of the holiday before I forget about it. So. I left it in my last that I was about to go gambling with my new henna tattoo. In the end, Carrie, Molly, Christine, Alex and I all went down to 4 Queens where Carrie and I proceeded to actually win money at blackjack with a lot of tuition from Molly! We had a great time! Afterwards we went up to a bar upstairs where Alex ordered a sampling platter of beers. I'd never seen something like this before but it turned out to be a little carousel with nine tiny beer glasses on - very cute indeed. I think I've got a photo somewhere.

That evening was the big abuse team meeting which I volunteered to take notes for (which reminds me! Must pass those back to D). It was actually very interesting to me (as an outsider to the team) to see what it was like but of course I can't talk about any of the actual content. We had a mini supportadmin one after and I confessed my recent realisation - one of the problems my category has is that I'm just not a very good trainer. Hopefully, I'm going to get training in training soon :)

Monday was the day of the trip to the Melting Pot - dinner out on 6A at a 3 course fondue restaurant. It was absolutely fabulous! I really love cheese fondue and the meat fondues were amazing - I loved the coq au vin one particularly. Instead of "the stick, the stick!!" rule for when you drop your bread, we had a kissing one instead, which made for a fun evening :)

Next day it was time to hit the Strip proper and I managed to lose my recently gained money somewhere (I can't remember which one now!) but we got to appreciate the fantastic garishness of the casinos. We had planned to head out again in the evening but I completely crashed out after dinner and didn't have the energy - last gasp of jetlag catching up with me, I think.

All the time the house was gradually emptying out - I think the peak of people was the Sunday when we had about 28 people in a house advertised as sleeps 18! Lots of air mattresses being used, basically. Wednesday was the day of saying farewell to quite a few people :( I don't actually remember that we did anything particular except relax and try to help people chill on Wednesday - it was quite odd in some ways to be outside the stress, observing it. Again, we had planned to hit the strip at night but by the time we'd eaten it was really late and we just didn't have the energy.

Thursday was our last proper day so we were determined to get some more gambling in. We headed out and managed to find $5 blackjack at Treasure Island, which was great fun and between that and video poker, I spent the rest of my gambling budget (all except about $20). Alex and I went for steak which turned out to be 16lb - over 1 stone! - of meat! I think we both managed to eat about half of ours, excellent though it was! After that, we headed out to the performance of Sirens of TI out the front, which was trashy and spectacular - again, I have some photos somewhere. We were a bit late, but a very nice lady let us out into the area reserved for hotel guests as that wasn't nearly full up so we got a great view. My feet were hurting too much to head over to the Bellagio to see the fountains - sadly, my nice comfy sandals get less comfy the hotter it is :( - so we headed back home to get enough sleep to be fresh to fly the next day.

Again we were very lucky with the flights and I actually felt a lot less nauseous than I did on the way over (despite it being a bumpier flight - go figure!). The only delay was 20 mins sitting on the tarmac at Gatwick which was pretty good going, over all, I'd say. We even managed to make it to the Oxford bus just as it was closing it's doors and the driver let us on so we didn't have to wait. Of course when we got home we discovered that our suitcase was openned by the US customs people who'd failed to properly close our shower gel, leaving our wash bag a sticky mess but fortunately no harm seemed to come to anything else.

Sadly, no sign of the new tiny computer in shops while we were over there :( I guess I'll have to wait for it to emerge over here and see what the price is like. Either that or persuade one of the Americans on my friends list to courier it over to me when it does finally emerge properly there...

Still, a pretty awesome holiday IMO. It was such a relief to find that my online friends were as cool IRL as they are on IRC and also that Alex really clicked with them all and had a good time. There was a huge burst of friending of the people that hadn't known each other before (I only knew about a third of of the holiday makers online before we headed out) and now I'm finding myself hearing people's voices when I read their posts, which is cool. A++ would go again.
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