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charlie, computer cat

January 2018



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LJ "generally privacy aware"

Well, while Google is described as having "entrenched hostility to privacy", LJ is "generally privacy aware", the second best category. No sites at all were described as "privacy-friendly and privacy enhancing", which was the best, so not a bad result, all told.

From A Race to the Bottom: Privacy Ranking of Internet Service Companies
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The great thing about LJ is you get to choose how private you'd like it to be. I haven't posted an unlocked entry for the better part of a year. It's nice. :)
Private from whom, though? There's information that I might trust to a random stranger but not to a large corporation or government.
Yay, LJ! :D

Yahoo! and AOL scored as "Substantial Threats," and Microsoft scored as "Serious Lapses." Why does that not surprise me? XD

But I was surprised by MySpace's score, "Notable Lapses." I thought it'd be down further than that. =P
Forgive my Soviet-informed experiences and prejudices ... but can anyone seriously expect privacy in this information technology world? I mean really, we are voluntarily spreading more information about ourselves, actions and motives, than Big Brother ever dreamed of gleaning in the Bad Old Days.

What's more, the ubiquitious spread and access of IT is such that even if we voluntarily switch off and choose to drop off the Net, we are still traced.
Moreover, does anyone actually want privacy? If all sites had lots of privacy we wouldn't have anything to read.

-- tom