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charlie, computer cat

December 2018



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me - b&w

Because of the way the maps were tilted, they appeared to suggest that northern Scotland was on the periphery.

Now I wouldn't want to cast aspersions or anything but surely, northern Scotland is on the periphery of the island what ever way you tilt the maps? As is the Isle of Wight (in the interests of impartiality).


"That pull will be all the greater when the Olympic flame reaches British soil in what is likely to be the year of the Queen's diamond jubilee".

Surely it's either her diamond jubliee or it isn't?


Maybe they're hedging their bets in case she dies or abdicates before then.
Ooh, good point - I never thought of that!
Surely it's either her diamond jubliee or it isn't?
Not if she dies before then...
Well, yes, but if you're always looking along the map from the IOW right in front of you to a distant north of scotland, then I can see what they mean.
Yes, I can see the arguement but I was amused by the language :)
Geographically speaking the Isle of Wight is definitely on the periphery of the island, whereas Scotland is about half the landmass!

Well it will be her diamond jubilee unless she dies, or (unlikely) gets a divorce from Phil. Or do you count jubilees even after their death?
Why would a divorce affect it? It's the anniversary of her coronation, not her marriage, I believe.
Sorry, that's me getting confused between jubilees and weddings. Hasn't she had 50 years of both fairly recently?
The newer weather graphics still annoy me.

Firstly, a tilted map is useless when trying to explain the weather, if it was a good idea one of the print media would have been using it already. Secondly, the ditching of pressure bars and mention of weather systems makes the whole thing too dumbed down.

Worst of all is this insistence on using a predicted weather radar view to show rain, it's so seldom accurate that they really should just dispense with it.

But then, there should only really be regional weather forecasts anyway...